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The complete skin program for immediate, visible and long lasting results, photofacial using the visibile light combined with radiofeqeuncy and carbon dioxide resurfacing  provides you with the best option.

You can think of it as a combination of light and magnetic waves. These treatment will make you skin young again with best skin color and tone. It removes the ugly brown and red areas caused by too much circulation as well as pigmentation is the skin.

for somebody who has never used these treatments we recommend doing three treatments once a month. It can be done in about fifteen minutes. It can be combined with fraxel resurfacing to remove ugly scars such as caused by Acne, Chickenpox or lines around the eyes, forehead as well as mouth.

The light waves comes with different wave lengths which can be used to remove unwanted hair, veins, acne as well. Please ask us if you have these specific needs. Below is a very remarkable improvement obtained for antiaging and pigmentation with three laser treatments and three months of day cream and night cream use.

The patient got rid of most of her skin pigmentation and got a remarkable lift of her face. She also got tightening of her skin in the neck and chin with more definition of her jaw lines. Lift is most noticeable at the corner of her mouth.

Here are the pictures of the same patient from the front.



Antiageing laser is ideal to obtain a younger look.  It is recommended to be performed monthly for three treatments and then once in six months for the maintenance.

Above treatment shows improvement of the skin color tone and fine wrinkles.

Above picture shows improvement of the skin following five  treatments.

      Before                                                                  After

Above results were obtained following two treatments.  We recommend fat grafting to the face to correct most of the ageing. Antiageing laser can be used to maintain the skin young following the fat grafting.

Here is a video from google explaing some of the Matrix IR non ablative treatments.