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It is the cosmetic treatment many women have dreamed of -- taking the fat from their hips and thighs and redistributing it to their breasts. Breast enhancement using fat grafts (lipoaugmentation) rather than silicone or saline implants employs fat suctioned from the patient's buttocks, thighs or other fatty areas. This type of breast surgery can be used to increase the size of the breast or to fill in defects or abnormalities in existing breasts, including enhancing the appearance after breast reconstruction and softening the look of existing implants. It can also be used to lift the sagging breasts following child birth and lactation. Lipoaugmentation of the breasts may offer patients permanent breast augmentation with a natural look and feel and the benefit of body contouring through liposuction -- without the requirement for incisions or implants.
Many years ago the technique had side effects such as oil cysts, calcification, and tissue scarring.
The methods for harvest and injection have also been refined. Today, fat cells are carefully removed by liposuction using syringes and transferred to the breast via dozens of small injections. This technique may result in increased survival of the fat cells. In USA this surgery costs about $18,000.00. Recent studies show that males are sexually turned off by the feel of breast implants which are made of silicone or saline bags. With fat grafting the breast retain the natural look and the feel.  It is common to get some hardening of the injection sites. But the fat never turns into cancer. Breast cancer starts from the breast glands. With new techniques in mammograms and MRI there had not been any difficulty in distinguishing cancer from the changes caused by fat grafting.

I have performed over 600 cases of fat grafting to the breasts.  With one instance of fat grafting you can usually obtain one cup size augmentation. If a larger size is desired the fat grafting can be repeated in about three months. This technique is becoming very popular in USA as well.

This patient obtained a very natural looking augmentation of her breast with fat grafting.

This patient had three children and wanted an augmentation as well as lift of her breasts. She underwent fat grafting on two occasions to achieve the desired result.  Usually a breast lift is achieved with breast reduction surgery which creates permanent scars on the breast.

Above is a female who was 38 years at the time of surgery. She had children and had dropping of the breast as a result of that. She also had severe rheumatoid arthritis. She opted to undergo fat grafting of her breasts to obtain the lift and was very happy with the results. she had no visible scars from the fat grafting.

Above female was 27 years at the time of fat grafting and had very small breasts which bothered her. After the fat grafting she was satisfied with the natural augmentation she received.

This patient was 46 years old at the time of her surgery and had three children. She asked for a mild augmentation and a lift. After one fat grafting surgery she achieved the desired result.  If a patient wants a larger breast the fat grafting can be repeated after three months. 

This patient was 25 years and had no children. She wanted larger breasts and the desired result was achieved with grafting of fat taken from her abdomen.

Here is an abstract written in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by Dr Coleman from New York School of Medicine

Dr Sydney Coleman was one of my teachers and here is more information from his website regarding fat grafting. It will answer most of your questions. Click Here


Above image shows the scars of breast lift surgery done in the traditional way. Once scar is right around the areola. Another scar extends down vertically.  Another scar is placed in the bottom of the breast transversely.

Below picture was taken right after the stitches were removed after a breast reduction. As you can see my method the incision only goes around the areola like a circle.