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Cavitation For Weight Loss.htm

How To Loose Weight.htm

Tips to Lose Weight

Fat or Flab.htm

Learn how to count calories for successful weight loss or maintenance.

Secrets of Thin People.htm


Cosmetic Surgery fat grafting helps facial trauma victims

Risk Associated with General Anesthesia

A teenager died from general anesthesia. 1/10000 people die from general anesthesia due to complications.

An article from
General Anesthesia Colombo SideEffect.htm

Obesity causes Cancer

Over 100000 deaths are caused annually in USA by cancer directly related to obesity

Weight loss surgery is risky.

Beuatician Dies After Obesity surgery

This is a good article about common risks following weight loss surgeries

Stem Cells From Fat.htm  Fat is the best source for Multipotent stem cells. A liter of fat contain hundreds of millions of Stem cells

Stem Cells prevent damage from stroke.htm 

Understanding the risks of weight loss surgery

Recent article about fat grafting with opinions from experts around the world

Fat grafting to breast webMD article

Accroding to this new article fat grafting to the breast is expected to replace implants.

Fat grafting to the breast to replace implants

Canckles can be treated with laser liposuction successfully

Cankles can be treated with laser liposuction successfully.htm

Humourous Video from U-Tube about cosmetic surgery

Trying to Reverse Time, At Any Cost
Beautiful power point show if you like nature trees and birds

K2 Superfoods.htm

Breast Cancer Prevention with Early Pregnancy

Hormone Therapy Increase Breast Cancer.htm

No benefit of using Glucosamine or Chondriotin sulfate in Osteoarthritis

Commonly available srilankan food is actually a superfood and is underutilized.

Chop the onions and keep for a while so you can get the best nutritional value out of them

Eat more cabbage to improve your bone health

Overweight Enough to die early.htm

Exercise Overload Signs.htm

Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination is a Hoax.htm

Food Allergy Guidelines.htm

Fat Grafting popular in 2006.htm